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On V*** Street, actual name removed for safety reasons there is a house that has been around for a long time. It was abandoned 30 years ago or around that time.

Since then it has been in a state of disrepair. The roof collapsed in 1998 and the East wall fell in 2005.

The home was originally a one-story house that encompassed half an acre of land (the house alone). In the 1970s a murder was committed in the house and it was taped off for evidence.

Back then the home was widely believed to be haunted. Built in the early 1920s the home was aging quickly. The wife and two kids were killed.

The father was suspected but never went to trial. Now the family has been haunting the home ever since. Whispers and bangings can be heard at night.

The nearest home to the house stands on the original property. That home is also said to be haunted. People in the 80s were dared to go in.

They came out hours later rambling on in jibberish. One person wrote down what the other said. In the actual notebook it says, "lla su dellik rehtaf. dellik eh. dellik eh."

When put backwards it spells out, "Father killed us all. He killed. He killed."

by Dylan