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It was towards the end of a particularly hot, dry summer and a huge forest fire had broken out. The fire was getting out of control, even though the emergency services were doing their best to deal with the problem. A photo-journalist working with one of the larger national newspapers was keen to get some good shots of the fire for the next day’s edition. He persuaded the editor to charter a private plane to get him above the action.

‘I know it’s expensive,’ he told the editor, ‘But it will be worth it. It’ll really help me to get the best pictures!’

So he made a call to arrange for a small private plane and drove as fast as possible to the airport. He rushed out to the runway and spotted a small aircraft with a young pilot in it.

Wasting no time, he jumped into the seat next to the pilot, pulled the door closed and said to the pilot, ‘I want you to take us up to altitude.’
When they reached altitude the photographer said to the pilot, ‘Now, do you see that fire over to the east of us? I want you to fly over that. I’d like you to get as close as you can.’

‘Really?’ asked the pilot, amazed. ‘You seriously expect me to fly over that fire? You can’t ask me to do that!’

‘Of course I’m serious. That’s why I’m here. I’m a professional photographer and I need you to take me to where I can take some dramatic shots of the fire.’

‘So I guess that means, that you aren’t the flight instructor?’ said the pilot