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by Sachin 26 Aug 2016, 00:30
The Biggest Loser - Sapna Vyas Lost 33 Kgs in a Year
She started her weight loss journey in 2009 with a crash diet. “I began my weight loss with a crash diet. I lost initially but was irritated and hungry most of the time. The weight came back in no time.” So the learning for her was that crash diets do not work. For a long term weight loss benefit, one needs to change their lifestyle. One needs to follow portion size, diet control and regular exercise. Point taken! “In 2011, I started reading up on nutrition, diet control and workouts. I started working out and watching what I ate. Soon I started to see the kilos drop. The more weight I lost, the more confident I became.” People didn’t take her quest for weight loss and fitness seriously. Friends used to call her out for junk food but she used to refuse. You can call her headstrong or focused, entirely up to you. But she religiously followed the diet and exercise routine. “I focused on fat reduction and body sculpting. One hour of walking and weight training worked wonders for me. I successfully reduced weight without stretch marks, lose skin, dark circles and other side effects.”