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There was a fundraising event being held in the local RSA by the local Women's Auxiliary, and the organisers had arranged for Ireland's most decorated WWII pilot to speak to the assembled ladies.

He started telling the story of a mission over France and how they were being strafed by German fire.

" I looked out in front of me" he said " and there was three fokkers in front, and then I looked behind me, and there was three fokkers behind me, and then I looked above me, and there was two fokkers above, and then I looked below me, and there was four fokkers below"

Just then the organiser, thinking that the ladies might misunderstand, and assume the ex-pilot was swearing, jumped up and said "For all those who don't know,

the Fokker was a plane used by the Germans during the war" and the Irish pilot said "Yeah, but these Fokkers were Messerschmidts" :) :D