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Let your tee shirt serve multiple purposes.

i. Show off your personality with statements like:

'Bad girls have more fun'

'What difference do you make?'

'You can either agree with me or be wrong!'

"I choose tee shirts that fit well and are comfortable. Though I go in for conventional shades like white, black, orange and blue, I prefer interesting captions ranging from sweet to coy to outright loud," says new media executive and tee shirt addict Tanvi Jain, 24.

ii. Show-stoppers

Some slogans take a little more confidence and guts to pull off.

Like this young woman who was wearing a tee blazoned with, 'I wish God had given me brains instead of...'.

iii. Get cheeky

'I don't suffer fools.'

'I'm fat, you're ugly. Hey, I can always lose the weight.'

iv. Get wicked

The double entendre slogans are most popular with the guys. For example:

'Lower your expectations... Lower... lower... lower...'

'Official lipstick tester' reads another tee shirt with a great big lips printed on the front.

v. Conversation starters

"One of my favourite slogan is 'I like it when ... my ...!' I love to hear people fill in the blanks; you won't believe what they come up with," says Mushtaq, a collector of slogan tee shirts.

You can make customised slogan tee shirts in store like People's Tree at Delhi. Or you could use ready-made versions created by brands like Tantra, a tee shirt company that helped popularised the slogan phenomenon.

Hot trends

~ Colours

Go for white, black, red, bright peach-pink, burgundy, deep purple, turquoise, greens like mehendi (henna) and military.

The classic black and white are always in fashion, so are palette colours like lilac and yellow, but in brighter shades.

Sporty colours like red, navy blue and grey are very in.

~ Semi-fit tee shirts

A semi-fit is basically a straight cut tee shirt that skims over your body.

Cap (short) sleeves are in.

The classic crew (round) neck is still good, so is the deep vee neck.

~ No to baggy fits

"Never fool yourself with the idea that a baggy tee shirt is going hide your flab or make you look thinner. On the contrary, you end up looking 10 times bigger," says fashion designer Ashley Rebello.

~ Prints/ embellishments are in

The floral print is in. Paisley on tees is out.

Horizontal and vertical stripes look great, so do polka dots.

Glitter and stud embellishments on tee shirts are hot.

Rubber prints with innovative scans continue to be popular. For instance, you have tee shirts featuring rock icons like Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, etc.

"If you like the grunge look, go for tee shirts with skull prints and Hobo or Mexican-style graphics," says Manish Kelshikar, design head at Shopper's Stop, Mumbai. (Hobo refers to Mexico's circus culture; the prints in these kind of tees are mostly of people dressed up in circus attire.)

Experiment with different looks
Tee shirts can look formal or sporty.


T-cut backs, also known as racer back tee shirts, are good for showcasing your shoulder blades.

Cropped or shortcut tee shirts are another great sporty look. However, do ensure you have a flat tummy; this tee reaches just below the bust.

The good old jerseys (a close-fitting knitted pullover tee shirt with long sleeves) and hooded tee shirts will always be a favourite for the sporty kinds.

And here's some great news for all Mirza fans: Lotto Sport Italia, the sports apparel and footwear company, is coming up with a special Sania Mirza signature line.

Evening wear

Deep solid colours like black, burgundy, mehendi green and maroon are perfect for a night out.

Full-sleeved, knitted tee shirts with vee or polo necks are another great evening wear option.

"Chiffon or crochet at the end of the full-sleeved tee shirt gives it a more formal feel," says fashion designer Sabina Singh.

"You could also consider embellishments like Swarovski crystals, stones or diamond studs on sporty tees like the racer back," she adds.

Single-sleeved tee shirts (leaving one shoulder bare) is another feminine option for those who plan to party all night.

Lend your tee shirt an ethnic touch with glitter and beads; this makes for great seasonal clothing.

Singlets, otherwise known as ganjis, with jewels and sequins studded on the straps, are interesting evening wear.

You could also try a singlet, with additional halter neck straps; this looks as if you are wearing a singlet over a halter neck top.

Tee shirts and denim jeans are an unbeatable combination, but tees also pair well with Capris and funky gypsy skirts.

"If you are wearing a gypsy skirt, team it with semi-fit tees/ singlets. Baggy, flowing tops or tees with such skirts make you look bigger," says fashion designer Surily Goel, who designed for Salaam Namaste.

Tee shirts can be paired with all kinds of skirts -- a formal, full-sleeved tee would look great with a plaited or A-line skirt.

For a smart, semi-formal look, combine tees with drawstring pants.

Pair a full-sleeved, knitted tee shirt with linen trousers and accessories. Add on a contrasting stole and some simple jewellery. Voila! You're all set for an evening out.

Shopping for the perfect fit
Tee shirts are all about comfort and fit.

When shopping for a tee shirt, check out the fabric and its elasticity (the stretch factor). Most tee shirts are a combination of two materials like cotton and lycra.

Always check the percentage of the mix (it will be given on the tee shirt's tag); the cotton percentage should be higher -- nearly 80 percent. You can also go for knitted tees.

Another pointer is the shoulder line; if it falls on your arm instead of your shoulder, you are probably wearing a size bigger than you should.

Keep in mind the shape of your neck while choosing tees.

~ If you have a small neck, opt for a polo neck or crew neck.

~ If you're neck is slim, go for wide neck like boat neck or vee neck.

~ If your neck is broad, use a vee neck or relaxed crew neck.

~ Make it exotic
Add on some beads, mirrors or patches of embroidered/ coloured cloth. Stitch or stick them with permanent glue. Make sure you first use a chalk to map out your design.

Swarovski stone patches called 'transfers' are available at many stores. Transfers are readymade patches that can be ironed onto your tees.

Sabina suggests you embellish your tee shirt with different coloured cloth patches.

"You can use patches of cloth like crochet or chiffon in different colours. Cut them into flower shapes and attach them to your tee in form of a brooch," she says.

~ Brighten up your tee shirt

Add splashes of colour. You could also use fabric paint to paint on slogans of your choice.

Ashley suggests you tack the rim of your tee shirt with bright, contrasting coloured thread.

~ Here are some experiments you can carry out on old tee shirts.

"Just a few inches away from the middle, cut a slit of five inches towards the bottom of your tee shirt. Tie the split cloth into a knot. It looks very cute," says Ashley.

Cut a straight line that starts from the bottom of your tee shirt and ends at the bust line. The cut should be in the centre of your tee. Wear it over a bright coloured tank top or singlet. Voila, another layering success.

~ Final pointers

Never fold your sleeves to get them to cap size; trim them instead. "Folded sleeves look tacky; it's better to cut them off. Asymmetrical sleeves are fine, they add to the grunge look," says Ashley.

Make sure you wear the right kind of bra under your tee shirt. Avoid bras with lace or designs. If you are busty, go for a sports bra.

Finally, if your tee shirts have embellishments or rubber prints, always iron them inside out.

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