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by Rahul
ImageGames go cheaper

The next year is also bound to focus on gaming hardware. Hopefully, the Nintendo Wii should finally hit our Indian shores, while the PS3 is set to make some moves again with the return of vibration feedback in the DualShock 3 controller.

For an Indian gamer, 2008 could well be the time when games finally become affordable. Developers are cutting back prices to force a little growth in the market, while other players are jumping in to offer rental services. With the cost of a console today being the same as buying 10 games for it, gamers will heave a sigh of relief as they get the cheaper option of simply renting a game. Granted, it still isn't going to be dirt cheap, but baby steps, folks, baby steps.

by Rahul
ImageFive megapixels on your phone...

Tech-evangelists down the ages have suffered the short end of the stick. But that's all set to change in 2008 - on the mobile communications front at least…

Though flawed and significantly impaired in several ways, Apple's iPhone has brought about a revolution in handheld devices. No longer are you confined to small screens and tedious input methods. If current trends hold true, stylus will die an ugly death in 2008.

And then there's Microsoft, which has already promised an updated Windows Mobile 6. Expect cleaner menus, threaded text messages, and a zoom function in Internet Explorer. Further down the line, Windows Mobile 7 will tackle Apple's Mobile OS X head on. Multi-touch, desktop-grade browsing, and a multimedia experience are a few of the new features on the list. And don't forget, Google's Linux-based Android platform for mobiles promises to be a head-turner too.

Wi-Fi, satellite navigation and 5-megapixel digicams on cellphones too will become the norm. Most high-end multimedia phones already sport such features today.
by Rahul
ImageAction-packed mobile gaming

Mobile phone gaming is yet another dark horse: Revamped N-Gage support on Nokia phones like the N81 and N95 is only the tip of the iceberg. The real trick under Nokia's sleeve is an all-powerful handheld gaming cellphone - a successor to the original N-Gage!

The timing is perfect for Sony's long-rumoured PSP-phone to rear its head. Essentially a combination of the PlayStation Portable and a Walkman phone, it'll be Sony's ultimate convergence device.

Built-in satnav (satellite navigation) is of special importance to a country like ours, where in-car GPS systems are yet to reach the market in a large way.
by Rahul
ImageDVD battles

In the DVD battles, don't expect much out of the Blu-ray and HD DVD deadlock; for its going to stay that way unless Warner Bros, which currently backs both formats, decides to pull the plug on either. Basically, the DVD is set to reign for another year at least. So pick up an upscalable DVD player if you're planning to go hi-def and want to spend minimal.

Finally, expect the portable media player wars to worsen - for the companies that is (it can only get better for consumers). In all probability, Apple might drop the iPod Classic altogether and instead completely go the iPod Touch way. Of course, competitors like Microsoft, Sandisk and Creative will hardly stay quiet. Sandisk's Sansa and Creative's Zen already give the Nano a run for its money, while a Zune revision from Microsoft might have a compelling argument as well.