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While traditional mandalas are often associated with weaves and dyes, Italian artist Leonardo Ulian uses electronic parts, chips and circuitry for his technological mandalas. Ulian explains:

I think of my mandalas as ephemeral gizmos, able to trigger the eyes and minds of the viewers with images and thoughts of any sort, but without taking it too seriously. I used the word ‘ephemeral’ because electronic technology is in a way impermanent. It is constantly changing and can become easily obsolete, like sand mandalas can be easily brushed away after days of work.
– Source: fastcodesign

To create his circuit board mandalas Ulian first draws his base design on a computer then prints out his outline onto paper where he begins to meticulously put together his mandala from sourced materials. Be sure to visit Leonardo’s website for more of his intriguing artwork.

Technological Mandalas Made From Circuitry