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Test Paper :1
Paper Type : General - other
Posted By : Smitha Udupa

Hi ,
After a time of 2 and a half months of completing graduation iam finally employed as a software engineer at Ivega.(Bangalore) I shall be joining on the 27th of this month.

I thank all the chetana group members including chetana and suri sir for the contribution they made by informing abt various openings at various places while i was job hunting.

Ivega selection process is as follows:
1st Round: Written test (English,arithematic reasoning,General knowledge)
2 nd Round: Group Discussion (Is education correlated to success i.e. is education required to achieve success in life or not)
3 rd Round: HR interview
4th Round : Technical round (Questions on probability if you select maths as your favorite subject)
Iam an BE- ECE student and was not asked much technical on c and c++ except basics .
5th Round: This is just a round for formality.
Questions like
1.What does commitment mean to you.
2.Do U have a role model ?Who is it and why.
3. Which is better Hardworking or smartworking.
4.are you planning for higher studies?
They will inform abt the rules and regulations of the company and ask if it is O.K.with U.
That's it.

(Paper Submitted By : Smitha Udupa)