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How many times have you marvelled at a pair of jeans while shopping, then taken them into the trial room for a look. And felt utterly disappointed because on you, the jeans look nothing like they did on the model in the advertisement?

Sure, very few of us are built like supermodels, but the best part about a well-constructed pair of jeans is that they can do wonders for every kind of shape.

How do you know what's right for you? What mistakes must you avoid?

We talked to some fashion pundits for definite guidelines for jean shopping.

Different cuts for different body types

Before we unveil the cut that matches your body type, make note of this simple rule from designer Gavin Miguel: it is mandatory to try out jeans.

Even if the size seems perfect and the length looks right when you hold it up against you, you will not be able to tell how it fits until you try it on.

Stylist Rakhi Parekh-Patil adds, "Forget about colour and brand name, the first thing to look for is a great fit. And ensure that the pair you choose makes your legs look long."

Body type: Heavy

Dos: Pick jeans that sit at your waist -- not too high, not too low.

Ultra-low waist jeans tend to create unsightly bulges while very high-waist jeans add bulk to the stomach area, counsels designer Sabina Singh.

Choose a pair that is slightly flared at the bottom as this balances out the width of the hips.

Gavin recommends choosing a dark colour as it produces a slimming effect.

Don'ts: Resist the urge to wear ultra-low waist jeans.

"The back in these jeans rides too low, and for this body type isn't flattering, " says Gavin.

Jeans which are extremely tapered at the bottom are a no-no.

Avoid styles, which have embellishments on the seat, as they tend to add visual bulk.

Body type: short

Dos: There are several ways to add the illusion of height to a pair of jeans. A slim-fit with straight legs works well for this.

Rakhi recommends jeans that are cut just at the ankle because they work well for those who want to add height.

"Wear lighter coloured jeans. You can also go for striped jeans which definitely add height. If you are wearing low-waisted jeans, the tops you wear should be slightly shorter as this gives length to the legs, " advises Gavin.

Finish up the look with a slinky pair of heels.

Don'ts: A major mistake is to fold the jeans at the bottom. This makes you look shorter. " Instead open the hemline and shred it; that again adds length, " suggests Gavin.

Avoid jeans which are heavily flared at the bottom. They make you look shorter and wider.

Stay away from capri jeans as they make legs look shorter. If you are fond of the style, wear it with heels to give the illusion of height.

Body type: Thin

"Denim is a thicker fabric, so it works especially well for really thin people, " says Gavin.

Dos: This body type is ideal for low-rise jeans. The slightly flared leg is also flattering to a thin frame as it adds much-needed bulk to the ankle area.

Petite Channel V VJ Juhi talks about her personal favourites.

"The style I find works best on me is the low-waist boot cut. It's a comfortable fit and is one of the most flattering looks for those who are thin, " says Juhi.

Model/actress Shruti Seth finds a slim, straight-fit really flattering.

Don'ts: Stay away from skin-tight jeans.

Warns Juhi, "Don't wear extra tight, stretch jeans if you're very thin. You'll end up looking gawky."

Special Mention: The boot-cut

The boot-cut (skims the thigh, has slightly flared lower leg) is considered the most universally flattering style in jeans.

It fills out a too-thin frame, balances a wide-hipped body, adds length to short legs and best of all, never goes out of style! Team it with heels (have the hem long enough to skim the front of your footwear) to fully exploit the wonders of its construction.

Get the perfect fit

Cuts decoded

Don't get intimidated by jeans jargon.

Low-rise jeans: These sit a few inches below the waist. Ultra-low rise sit even lower, on the hips.

Straight-fit: Cut straight down the length of the leg, with a streamlined fit. These have no flare at the bottom.

Relaxed jeans: A comfortable, roomy fit at the seat, thighs and legs.

Cigarette jeans: Narrow-cut, tightly-fitted, all the way from the waist to the ankles.

Flared-leg jeans:Narrow at the knees and go on to flare at the legs.

Next, the jeans you try on should be checked for two important factors: comfort and length.

Comfort is key

The experts are unanimous about the importance of comfort while picking jeans. "Please do not squeeze yourself into a pair of jeans. That completely defeats their purpose, " says VJ Shruti.

Adds Rakhi, "You can suck your stomach and make them fit while trying them out, but how long will you be able to do that in daily life?"

As VJ Juhi puts it, comfort is key.

Watch that length

Rule of thumb: jeans should never be longer than your shoes.

As Parekh-Patil puts it, "Long jeans that cover your shoes entirely, make you look like you are walking on stilts." Ouch!

Turn around and check out how the jeans hold your butt. There should be no excess sag of the fabric in that region. The jeans should follow the curve of your bottom comfortably.

When buying low-waist jeans, make sure to sit and bend a few times while trying them out to gauge exactly how low they will ride in the back.

Hot styles
"Jeans with stretch that hold the body really nicely, are in. The whole pre-washed* look is also back with an added creased look which looks great now. Super low-waist jeans are giving way to slightly higher waist jeans, " says Gavin Miguel.

(*pre-washed: washed and treated while manufacturing to give a used look as opposed to dry denim which is not treated.)

The boot-cut has many takers.

"The narrow, straight fit is in; and the boot-cut never goes out of style, " says Rakhi.

Sabina says, "The boot-cut is always very flattering and thus remains in. Jeans with ripped, frayed edges are also in now, as are jeans with the bottom turned over."

Over-embellished jeans tend to make regular appearances on the scene.However, do wear with caution. "If you like the style, make sure you pair it with a plain top, " says Sabina.

Now, happy shopping and hope you are, to quote Neil Diamond, "forever in blue jeans"!