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By: Deepali Nandwani

Contrary to what you think, surviving in a job and deserving the position you hold are not two sides of the same coin. Look around, and you will see the most undeserving, the least creatively inclined employees not only survive, but also flourish in their jobs.Right from your first day at work, the art of survival involves a certain amount of strategic thinking and planning.Initially, you might have to tax your brains to come up with ways and means by which to avoid getting sacked. But once you are well-entrenched in your job, you can give your brain the well deserved rest it requires. Or just follow our guide on surviving in a job without really deserving to:

Inveigle yourself into everyone's affectionsThis is for the lowest of the low, but then we cater to everyone. Spend your time in office writing whole chapters in the good books of your colleagues and bosses with your wheedling generosity, sunny disposition and helpful attitude. You could, for instance, praise your boss for his or her 'vision' and 'forward thinking' policies. You should be ready to do anything that anyone wants, which may include getting movie tickets for your colleague's wife, to making tea or coffee for anyone wanting it. That's not really hard work, given that all these favours will save you in situations when you have defaulted on that all important assignment or just screwed up a project. The phrase you should be most familiar with: "Anybody want a cup of tea or coffee? In fact make everybody tea, all the time. Play importantNothing works better than acting as if the universe revolves around you. You have to walk tall and feel important to make your presence felt in your company. Talk about how your colleagues in the last place you worked in, could not get a project off the ground without your help. Or how your boss only depended on you to get things done. Be a little bureaucratic in an office that believes in democratic norms and a dressing down culture. This works for anyone working in a media, advertising or architecture firm. For instance, wear a business suit to office, rather than the jeans and shirt that your colleagues tend to wear. Talk big. It will work for quite some time, till your colleagues see through you.

Pretend to be creativeThis is especially true for media, television production, movies, advertising and architecture businesses, which requires a bit of imagination and dollops of creativity. Creative beings, or those who pretend, can get away with almost anything, which includes days of not working and angst ridden moments. After all, inspiration does not strike everyday, and most creative people, even the pretenders, are allowed to go through days of not putting in any work.Also remember, creative guys tend to fall sick more often than the normal junta. After all, it takes a lot of personal effort to produce an award-winning work - an ad campaign or a television spot, for instance.So you are allowed to take days off or even leave office early or take off on a holiday in laid back Alibag, on the pretext of needing a break or feeling sick.Look busyYou don't have to work for that. Take a look at the hundreds and thousands of emails you have received, from friends, for colleagues, from estranged lovers and from family. You might also roam around in your office as if you are looking for someone.

Browse shamelesslyBut go on the offensive if someone criticizes. Tell them how you have to work even when you are not 'too well', how you have to stay late in office (so what if all you are doing is hanging around with your colleagues in the hope that one of them would take you out for a drink). Talk about how you need to stay away from office to get your imagination ticking again, and how routine work can bog any artistic individual down.Do some workIn between, try and get some work done. Too long of playing important and pretending to be creative or busy won't get you far, until you have at least some work to back you. So once in a while, try and get a project through or al least come up with a bright idea. Even the most moronic of us have our good days.

Look for another jobYou can get away with all the above only for some time, but can't sustain it for the rest of your life. Learn to know when your time is up, and when people have begun understanding what you really are. Then start searching for another job and when you land one, refer to this guide again.