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Sunny and Bright - India's Most Shining Star
Amidst of all the negative publicity and hype that Bollywood hottie Sunny is getting, the actress doesn’t seem taking a backseat. The Baby Doll has till date managed to be on the top list of the most searched celebrity in India. But as we are always taught by birth of what’s wrong and right for us, so even a glimpse of sunny is considered as a crime.

Ironically in India, where talking about Sunny is a hush hush affair, it is here only that she is gaining the maximum popularity. Be it the mainstream cinema or Television reality shows, Sunny has marked a niche for herself among the hypocrite Indian society with much ease.

So let us take you through with some of the enlightening facts about Sunny who faces a lot of criticism among Indian audiences but still remains on the top.

One of the major reasons is that our Indian audience being Sunny’s critics is the way she is being portraying all the roles. But there is no denying the fact that Sunny has become a rage now and is getting all the mainstream Hindi films.