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I rescued my male Siamese cat, Suki, as a kitten from the large trash bin outside my apartment building. He has been exceedingly affectionate and loyal to me for the 3 years I’ve had him. He has always been very wary and afraid of strangers that come into my apartment though. He typically will run and either hide or remain at a “safe” distance watching when I have company he is not used to.

My question, though, stems from a recent and very surprising behavior that manifested only a couple weeks ago that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Are Siamese known for being “guard cats” and have they been known to rush and “protect” their owners like a dog might?

I have a neighbor young man I don’t care for who makes me uncomfortable and he is often outside his door smoking or with his friends whenever I try to pass in the evenings. A couple weeks ago, arms loaded with dishes from a pot luck, I came from, I opened my door to go in my apartment and out rushes Suki, my very shyest and most fearful cat. I figured he would run back inside immediately when he saw my neighbor out on the breezeway but to my shock, he adopted an aggressive stance I’ve only seen him take twice before with strange male cats that have been out on the breezeway “too close” I suppose to my door outside. Then he started to charge at my neighbor and I shudder to think what he may have done if he had made it to him!

Fortunately, Suki responds very well to my verbal commands and when I called for him to stop, he did stop and I had to run out and drive him back inside, much against his wishes, though he did comply. This completely blew my mind though! He was acting like a guard dog might and I have never heard of a cat doing this before! Is this really unusual behavior or are Siamese an exception and actually known to try and protect their owners?

I’d appreciate any insight into this very surprising behavior. I know Siamese are unique in many ways but I wasn’t sure if this is a character trait of Siamese in general or if just my own cat is a strange and unique occurance. Thank you!

Author Shannon.
The History of Siamese Cats

It is believed though it is not exactly known that this breed of cats is descendant of the sacred temple cats in Siam now called Thailand.
They were called “Moon diamond” in Siam.
Legend has it that they keep away evil spirits and bring good luck to their owners and was often seen around in temples and Royal households.

Siamese cats are very temperamental and have outgoing personalities. They are the most social and friendly of all cat breeds. They are very talented at communication with humans. If you are looking for a quiet cat, then Siamese cats are not the way to go. They are extremely vocal and express themselves using their voices. While being affectionate their voices are easy on the ears but when feeling neglected they become quite loud.

Most Siamese cats are very playful and active. They are strangely curious and can be very intelligent. They get easily bored and therefore you should not leave them alone for significant periods of time because they will likely snooping around the house in search of something to play with. Pamper them with affection and lots of attention and they will be happy for your company. Their constant need for attention and admiration makes them great pets for a household with many people or with children.