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by Saurabh 01 Sep 2006, 23:03
Test Paper :1
Test Location : Bhubaneswar
Posted By : Sisir Kumar Jena


SubexAzure ltd. visited the campus at Bhubaneswar dated 3rd aug. 2006.

Selection procedure:
They have 5 rounds:

1. a. C programming test:- 30 min. 20 questions.
Very complicated questions u need to through knowledge about C programming.
No negetive marks. Basically the questions are comming from pointer, macros
files and array and function.
b. Programming code skill:- 30 mins 1 question.
I get the following question...........

Write a program to remove the C comments(/* */) and C++ comments(//) from a file.
The file should be declared in command line.

2. Technical Interview 1 - Fundamental C questions
3. Technical Interview 2 - questions on C and C++ :- Slightly complecated question.
4. Technical Interview 3 - Question on all papers like :- DBMS, OS, Networking, Soft Engg.In this round u will come accross all the Head peoples of that company.
5. HR round.:- They will ask u fundamental HR questions.

I am not able to clear the written.U need a complete knowledge about C an C++.

Paper posted by: Sisir Kumar Jena.