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Style circuit: Malaika Arora Khan

Your favourite fashion destination?

Definitely Los Angeles. London comes a close second.

Where do you stay?

I usually stay at my friends place in LA. But the last time I went there, we stayed at a hotel in Disney Park, Disneyland. My kid was with me and we certainly had a great time.

Favourite shop?

Kitson on Rodeo drive

First item bought?

I bought these great pair of jeans from Kitson, almost a year back. They have an amazing fit.

Most memorable purchase?

Basically I love shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. But one of the prettiest things I bought from LA was a Gucci gown. It was similar to the one Toni Braxton wore to the Oscars.

Best cocktail bar hangout?

The Viper's Pit, the club owned by Johnny Depp is definitely one of the best hangouts in LA. It's a great place for partygoers.

Best place for bargain buys?

I've never done any bargain shopping in LA. But, no matter which part of LA you're in, it really is the best place for shopping.

What do you stock up on when you are there?

I buy a mix of basically everything. Shoes, bags, clothes! It's a great shopping destination.