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Image "To make matters worse, the penchant for dress code seems to have spread throughout the nation like jungle fire. As far as students are concerned, they find themselves helpless; there's nobody who can take up their side of the story with college and university bodies. They live under the constant fear of getting expelled," she adds.

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But not every teacher thinks like Vinita Jagdev. Prof. V.L Aggarwal, a lecturer of accountancy at the Delhi University, strongly argues, "It's our duty to teach the students the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Remember, we are responsible not only for shaping their future but also their minds, thought-processes. Moreover, no matter how modern we claim the society's outlook is becoming, it's still dangerous for girls to wear low-waist jeans with short tops."

"Apart from the question of stylish dresses being socially acceptable or not, it is a known fact that too much of concentration on fashion and looks can affect studies. Not that it always happens this way, but children sometimes fail to draw the line." Prof. Aggarwal asserts.

Prof. Aggarwal also states that the need to maintain an 'even status' amongst students is what makes it imperative to have such rules. "Kids who belong to rich families wear designer clothes and their friends who belong to lower-middle class wear ordinary clothes. This might result in inferiority complex and frustration in the not-so-well-off kid," he says.