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A very little tip but useful..

Meeting deadlines, targets and commitments is an unavoidable part of this highly competitive world and this invariably leads to stress;

Is all stress bad? You may really be surprised to know the answer is 'NO':

Within its limits, which vary from person to person, stress some time makes us More productive
can initiate change and help us focus on the task the only thing 'one' has to keep in mind is, be careful
if stress builds up beyond limits.

Not recognizing it, or avoiding it, is not the answer, the answer lies in managing stress.

Here are some tips which can be useful:

~ Manage your time like you manage your money
~ Start your day with meditation, yoga and walk, but seek medical advise before you start
~ Stretch few times in a day's work or take a short walk
~ Do something that changes your focus, remember relaxation is the opposite of stress.
When you come back to the problem, chances are it won't seem nearly as insurmountable.
~ Stand up and smile. Try it! You'll feel better!!!
~ Use 'sleep on it' strategy wherever possible. Sometimes 'sleeping on' a situation gives you newer insights
~ Be assertive. Dare to say 'NO' you cannot please everyone
~ Quit always blaming yourself. Sometimes events really are 'out of control' and you really are 'not at a fault'
~ Ask for help. We live in a world of interdependence. No one can do everything HIMSELF or HERSELF
~ Write it down. Writing gives you clarity and helps you prioritize things..
~ Be organized
~ Beware of what you are eating. Eat healthy food
~ Follow your hobby-listen to your favorite music, gardening, cooking etc.
~ Talk to a friend/ your family about your problems, don't hold it in
~ Play with a pet
~ Say a little prayer
~ Get a good night's sleep