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The next few days were the same…I saw him everyday but we didn't really talk. I mean we didn't have a proper conversation…

There was one little progress…I knew his name!!!

I remember it like yesterday…me, Daniel, Amy, David and some others (I don't exactly remember who they were) were in the Cafeteria. Tom was walking with Mr. Perfect outside…how I envied him!

But then suddenly, as if it was meant to happen, both of them came in. I had no idea what to say so I completely ignored him (something I really regret). I had no clue what to say because I was afraid he might think I was weird or something. I felt nervous and stupid and was trying my level best not to make a complete and utter fool of myself.

Tom, being his happy-go-lucky self, started an introduction.
"Alex, this is Kestrel. Kestrel, this is Alex," he said while pointing at me and him one after the other. "What a coincidence…both of you are dads are in RMCS…" he added.
"Hey," I said.
"Hello…" he replied. "You're dad is in RMCS?"
"Yeah," I answered.

I felt awkward and weird talking to my FIRST MAJOR CRUSH so casually.

Ok, before you ask about RMCS let me just tell you…
RMCS a.k.a Royal Military College of Sciences is a military institution for all armed forces. Yeah...both our dads are in the armed forces…

I desperately wanted to talk to him but I couldn't. I jus couldn't! It was one of those moments when you want to talk but no words come out. Thinking of this as a sign for not to start a conversation I started talking to Daniel. Out of all the people DANIEL! I'm not being biased or rude but that guy is freakishly scary. He's just disturbed. You can probably judge how idiotic I felt…I mean DANIEL…! And guess what we were talking about…COINS!! You probably think I'm drastically sick in the head right now!

Anyway those 10 -15 minutes passed away awkwardly. Some of you might think that I was showing the man of my dreams a little bit of attitude…let me correct that folly thought because I have no clue as to how to show attitude to any guy…I was just very shy at that point.

I kept looking at him and occasionally shook my head so that my hair danced from left to right. For some random and weird reason I thought this looked cool…My mind kept slipping into his thoughts.
" I wonder what he's thinking…He probably thinks I'm demented and socially retarded. Oh God! Is there no end to the humiliation being poured upon me?? Then I started thinking about how extremely spectacular and absolutely awesome he looked!