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Do you feel down for not feeling sexy or fiends/family telling you, "You look disgusting, lose weight!"? Cheer up! First, do not let others affect your self-esteem because you are special. Hey, life is too short, forget about negative friends who put you down. Start spending more time with supportive friends who can give you moral support while losing weight. The good point is that you can make the commitment to lose weight for yourself, not to please others, but you! Now, you and I can agree to "keep our commitment to lose weight and be overweight no more!" Hence, let s take action and follow these simple 5 Steps to Feel Sexy Even If Being Overweight:

1. Certainly, you too can start feeling sexy while you lose those unwanted pounds of fat! Is this not a good news, yes or yes? Absolutely, because you are sexy! Ok, Anna, I hear you sister, tell me more. Great, now we are cooking, listen carefully and most of all with a positive attitude because you can make your weight loss experience a success.

2. The best way to feel more sexy during your weight loss process is by adopting a "sexy attitude, enjoying how your body is transforming, start pampering your bodies." Ok, Anna continue, I am listening. Great! So we are talking the same language, let s go on.

3. Start rewarding yourself for losing weight and improving your eating habits. For example, by having a sexy shower, transforming your regular take it for granted regular shower. You can prepare a nice shower by lighting a candle (preferably aromatic), use body oil, and why not keeping a half glass of wine with our favorite music as background? Or how about your favorite juice? Awesome.. just a

4. Let s get rid of your OVERWEIGHT extra big shirts and start buying sexier clothes that make you look good (a word of caution, don t buy too small a size where you will have the opposite effect). Now, it is your attitude, feel sexy, comfortable, with a high self-esteem.

5. Get a new perfume, some new jewelry, new shoes. Hey, take advantage today and get the things you thought were sexy for others but not for you. Now, you are in control! Who said you are not sexy? Helloooo, you are sexy!

Remember, you are cooking all the way to unleash your ideal weight, so this is practice time toward your weight loss goal. Boy, how I love this practice time! Start walking sexy, keep your environment clean, add some flowers, etc. Use your creativity. "Anna, you are right, I am sexy!" Say it louder, I can t hear you. (say it louder now) Ok, ok, ok, don t yell, I HEAR YOU! Now, practice these few tips and let me know how you did. Losing weight is fun while having fun and learning how to change negative attitude with positive attitude.

Until next time and just as the song says, "I m too sexy for my bones, too sexy for my bones" Come on, let s sing together because "You are also too sexy for your bones!" Wowww you are certainly looking sexy already!!!

Your Motivated Weight Loss Friend,

Anna, Overweight No More