by Rahul
ImageIn what looks like a growing trend, more and more women are locking lips, not with guys but with other women! Of course, we're talking about the movies here.

The latest is Eva Mendes, who's been branded a great kisser by Natasha Alam, after the two locked lips in their latest movie, The Women. The Hitch actress plays the 'other woman' in Jada Pinkett Smith's steamy on-screen lesbian relationship in Diane English's all-female film The Women.

'It was a lot of fun, not awkward at all, Eva is a great kisser; she gets 10 out of 10. Amazing,' Fox News quoted Alam, as telling PopTarts at the Los Angeles premiere.

Well, if Alam thought the kiss was amazing, she ain't seen anything yet because coming up next are the steamiest lip-locks ever. Check them out!

by Rahul
ImagePenelope-Scarlett in Vicky Cristina Barcelona
This one is more like a menage a trois than a lesbian relationship, but still the film's highlight is the steamy kiss between the two women, Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) and Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz).

The complicated tale of sexual attraction and compatibility directed by Academy Award-winning writer-director Woody Allen, also starred Javier Bardem as Juan Antonio, an artist who develops a relationship with two American women, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina, while still in love with his mentally unstable ex-wife, Maria.
by Rahul
It was a performance that caught everyone off-guard.

The scene was the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards where Britney Spears was performing Madonna's big hit song Like a Virgin.

A few minutes later, Madonna joined Britney on stage and proceeded to kiss the pop star. Before the shock could wear off, Christina Aguilera took the stage and locked lips with Madge too!

It was the one time we forgot who won or lost.
by Rahul
ImageSalma Hayek-Ashley Judd in Frida
Granted, Salma Hayek is a hottie. But the actress toned down her sexy appearance in Frida, a film about the life of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter, who despite being straight, indulged in affairs with women.

What she didn't tone down, however, was the intense sexuality between her and Ashley Judd -- who plays on-off lover Chavela Vargas -- in a prolonged and tantalising dance that ended in an exciting kiss.