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Recently I encountered a message board asking readers if they believe in love at first sight and asking them to share their experiences and advice in this regard. Here are some of the most amusing and insightful responses they received:

I believe in lust at first sight, making love at first night and then when she proposes marriage, taking the first flight.
-- Bharat Dharamwani

Its only attraction...Can anyone claim that they had love at first sight by seeing a blind girl or boy,or for that matter by seeing a handicapped person. Y, are they not human beings. Its only attraction, thats all. Sub saala filmi style. Its only good to see on screen what Shahrukh does. Live practically. Got to know the person, got to feel. Only then its love...
-- Surya Adiga

This is insane there is nothing called love in this world there are just needs which needs to meet. Most of the girls just flirt around with men all they want is money and security. You will see plenty of examples where the most bad looking boy will have a good girl not because he is good natured but has a good bank balance. yes girls do fall in love at first sight not with you but your wallet.
-- Mohammed Dilawar

I wish i had never fallen in love.......
But the moment we looked at each other we knew we were made for each other............... Then it was beautiful..... holding hands.... lookin into each other's eyes
An year later now its much different....... we are engaged to be married .. but now i dont know how to tell him n my parents tat i dont love him anymore.... I m broken today......
I hope it had never happened to me
-- Anonymous

I see beautiful gals and i fall in love...maybe 100 times a day.
maybe its infatuation,maybe its love i dont know.
but at this rate i think i may never know true love.
-- Girish

Love at first sight is wrong. Love is blind.If two people are in love means they are blind
-- Nageswara Rao

I believe love at first can happen anytime or anyway
-- Shilpa Kumari

Love to me have always occured in first sight
when i was in scool i felt in love wid a gal who had har first day in tha scool
again there was a gal with whom i felt in love at first sight when i joined my scool for graduation
for me it has always happened at very first altho i must admit that none of them actually turned on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i believe that u fell in love n then u start knowing the person
n i have always loved the person whom i felt in love wid first sight
-- Suyog Agarwal

It has been now proved by psychiatrists that love is nothing but a kind of madness. Getting inspired with love is considered an abnormal state of mind.
-- Bipin Musale

Yes I do believe in love at first sight. Unfortunately it didn't happen to me.
-- Manjula A

Yes i really belive in love at first sight.
Every time i see a new girl. i fall in love..
-- Gyaneshwar Asha

I loved someone else but married another. Now with kids, it's the best thing next to paradise or whatever they say is in store 4 the good guys.
I love the woman I married and the one I actually loved once at one time seems to belong to a distant apast that I m not too fond of. My wife & kids take first priority and I wud try to do the best 4 them & because of them . So, is this LOVE. Yeah man! Love is not the first blush and racing heart beat. Love is the practical living and the acceptance of that womwn who is the mother of yr li'l ones
-- Bhaggam