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1) What is Bruce Lee's favorite vegetable?
Mu Lee
2) What does Bruce Lee like to have for lunch ?
Tha Lee
3) What happens to the theatre once a Bruce Lee movie is over ?
Kha Lee
4) What is Bruce Lee's sister-in-law's name ?
Saa Lee
5) Bruce Lee's favorite breakfast?
Id Lee
6) Bruce Lee's favorite festival?
Diwa Lee
7) Bruce Lee's favorite Actress?
Sona lee
8) Bruce Lee's favorite Music?
Qawa lee
9) What is Bruce Lee's most interesting job?
Coo Lee
10) When did Bruce Lee die?
Final Lee
11) How did Bruce Lee die?
With a Go Lee
12) What is Bruce Lee's favourite hill station?
Kulu Mana Lee

This message is originally composed by someone from Calcutta by A... BANGA LEE

Isn't it interesting????? de taa lee