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by Rahul
How to transfer or move all your sms messages from your s60 phone memory to mmc card memory easily.

Yes , you can easily transfer any of your messages already residing in the phone memory causing your phone to process various operations at a slow speed due to the memory usage by the sms messages. Please take backup before you try these tricks.

I have illustrated the entire procedure to move your sms messages in single with a four step below.

1. Make sure that Messaging memory is set to Phone Memory (Messages -> Settings -> Other -> Memory -> Phone memory).
2. With FExplorer, go to E:\System\Mail and delete the whole dir. Not just the content, the whole dir.
3. Go to Messages -> Settings -> Other -> Memory and select “MMC”
4. Now you will be prompted if you would like to copy the messages to your “new” location.

If you found some problem in implementing the steps listed below leave a comment here i will be glad to help you.

by dipenkam
I lost all my sms from the mmc. when I transfer from phone memory to mmc their is no last new massage is prsent in my inbox so what suld I do plz help me as soon as possible.
by Rahul
Have you changed the sms memory to phone memory to mmc card? If not please do so. Have you took backup? If yes please restore the backup first if it is not working at your Mobile.