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Hi! I'm Miranda and I'm 25 years old. Seven years ago, when I was a rock n roll 18 year old teenager, I loved to crash parties and have the time of my life like anyone.

But then came the sad part: going off to college leaving everyone behind. I decided to have one little bye bye sleepover with my friends.

So they came over around six, my friends and I tend to buy each other little tidbits like jewelery and keychains and stuff.

This night, Elly decided to bring an Ouija board.

She loves ghosts and monsters and is addicted to watching the stories and videos and snaps or video games. Sandy brought Moonracer III and Ocean Life. Anna brought in a goldfish.

Everyone gave presents they would like themselves to other people for memory of them. It was a really good idea and I was relieved I had brought kitty plushies which i love.

That night, we stayed up late playing with everyone's gifts and watching movies with popcorn. It was ten minutes to twelve and Elly kept begging to use the Ouija board so we did.

We all sat at a big round table and "summoned" the spirits, sometimes, Elly is way crazy.

I thought for sure that this was just ridiculous and that we could've been watching Terminator with buttery popcorn.

I sighed and then the table started shaking.

"Whoa!" cried Anna.

"SILENCE!" cried a voice I've never heard.

I was thinking, wow this is really lame. But that's Elly. Suddenly I felt hands creeping on my shoulders but as I turned, nobody or anything was there.

I didn't like this nonsense so I switched on the light and to my horror, saw a white figure smiling evilly at everyone and vanish.

I got so scared that I called a priest, rubbed the place with holy water and always slept right before midnight in fear that she would come back.

Luckily, after that summer, college started and I lived in the University. I still visit my parents' house but I never sleep over.

by Miranda (Olympia,Washington,USA)

:) :mrgreen: :D

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