Do you always keep wondering about your Future? Do you ever think that life would have been a lot easier if you could understand your Boss, Life Partner or people around you better than now? You certainly need to go through this section in order to know all about this.
by Shovna
It is said that the posture one normally assumes while asleep tells about the person's personality.

How do you sleep?

1. I sleep sideways.

2. I sleep face-down.

3. I sleep face-up.

4. I sleep in the fetal position.

5. I sleep "tied-up" -- limps crossed, body-twisted . . .

by Shovna
Sleeping Sideways

Those who sleep sideways are calm and peaceful people.
They are not overly excitable nor are they particularly sensitive.
They are steady, do what they are expected, and get the most they can out of life,
but they do not drive themselves crazy while attempting to "get ahead."

by Shovna
Sleeping Face-down

People who sleep face-down are serious and stubborn.
They hold strong beliefs and try to have everything done precisely the way they want them.
They are tense and focused, and they do not give ground easily.

by Shovna
Sleeping Face-up

Those who sleep face-up are confident and optimistic. Concerns and worries that wear others down have little effect on these people. Their attitude is "lucky go happy," and they are not particularly keen on planning or scheming. Occasionally such an attitude render them vulnerable to unpleasant surprises and setbacks.