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There is no reason for you to end up looking like a banana while wearing yellow. So, unless it's a plain one-piece outfit on, such as a dress or a formal gown, do not pair a yellow top with a yellow bottom.
Yellow, gold and cream makes a good combination as do mustard yellow and red. White and black go very well with yellow too. However, a solid black with a solid yellow will make you look like a taxi.

Instead, men, bring out the yellow by wearing a yellow tee-shirt, and women with a yellow tank top or halter under a white blazer or with white/ brown pants. You may also team up yellow with navy blue, purple or grey.

As for one-piece outfits, empire line dresses or chiffon gowns all look great in yellow, but do keep in mind to pair it with white or black shoes and bags.

When it comes to prints, polka dotted yellow looks great and for men, shirts with stripes of yellow and white. A classic yellow formal would be a yellow knit over a white and yellow striped shirt.

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