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by Rahul 03 Feb 2009, 09:55
ImageMarketing budgets are most at risk during economic downturns, but Gartner Inc has identified six marketing processes that can be automated to drive revenue and cut costs, maximizing marketing budgets and return on investments (ROIs).

"Blindly cutting marketing budgets during an uncertain economy will impair a company's ability to retain and grow its customers, now, as well as when the market returns to more stable growth," said Kimberly Collins, managing vice president at Gartner.

The research firm advocates the use of six key marketing processes to help marketing drive revenue, cut costs and drive ROI, thus justifying its spending. Three of the processes - customer retention management, lead management and online marketing - focus on driving revenue; while the other three - creative production management, marketing fulfillment and financial management - are designed to improve accountability and cut costs.