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ImageThe fund seeks to invest in companies that are well managed; generate high return on capital and demonstrate the ability to deliver sustainable growth. It avoids momentum stocks (characterised by high volatility, valuation and governance risks).

The fund remains cautious on infrastructure sector due to lack of transparency and absence of compelling valuations while is positive on consumption and investment themes which are likely to remain main drivers of the Indian economy over the medium term.

The fund manager avoids short term performance comparisons -- history is replete with examples highlighting the pitfalls of the approach. Invest in line with financial goals and risk appetite.

Franklin India Bluechip Fund (FIBF) is a good choice for investors who want market-beating returns over the long term without taking undue risk.

One of its defining qualities is that the fund manager does not believe in the momentum game, and so does not venture into the mid-cap space to deliver superior returns even during bullish markets.

The fund's merit lies in protecting the downside and the ability to participate in market rallies earlier than others. FIBF is benchmarked against the BSE Sensex and has beaten the latter by quite a margin since its inception in 1993.

Investors can consider adding the fund to their core portfolio based on its strong focus on large-cap stocks. Franklin India Bluechip Fund has the potential to bring stability to the overall portfolio and deliver stable long-term returns.