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When appearing for that all-important job interview, you must make sure that everything you say and do goes in your favor. Since the job interview is a crucial part of your job search, it is imperative to present to the interviewer a side if you that is courteous, responsible, pleasant, intelligent, trustworthy and talented. Actually several other points can be added to this list!

This is where the importance of following Interview Etiquettes gains importance.

Though very basic, often candidates fail to follow these essential etiquettes which are primarily associated with a successful interview. Here are some -

Appearing for the Interview On Time:

Whatever you do, never be late for the interview. Do your homework in advance - acquaint yourself with the location of the interview venue so that you do not have to hunt for directions at the last minute. Start early - there is no harm in arriving early and waiting for your turn.

Communicate Well With the Interviewer:

Make eye contact and reply to their questions with confidence and ease. Never use crude language and don't speak out of turn.

Dress Professionally:

First impressions are often the last. refrain from being too casual, ostentatious or over the top when it comes to dressing suitable for the interview. Short skirts, wrinkled and ill fitted clothes, t-shirts and very loud colors are a strict NO-NO. Instead, opt for well ironed, clean and conservative clothes that enhance your appearance and add to your professional, no nonsense image.

Personal Cleanliness:

Cut and clean your nails, wear well ironed clothes, comb your hair properly and refrain from wearing over powering colognes, perfumes, junk jewellery and excessive makeup.

While at a lunch interview, your social skills will be put to the test. Hence, remember to -

Eat slowly

never speak with food in your mouth

focus your attention on the conversation rather than your food

refrain from ordering messy food

Most importantly, smile, be positive and shake hands with confidence.