Searching for a laugh? Your sense of humor is about to explode with comedy inside. Prepare to witness the Best Laughs from Jokes ever.

"The best way to get something done is to begin procrastinate". And who would know that better than us procrastinators, right? We do everything possible in the book to delay a task and then... panic. These are the tell-tale signs of an A-level procrastinator:

1. You reassure yourself by saying that the task is easy or that you have enough time in hand

And so you end up watching your favourite TV show or movie.

2. You always try to sweet talk other people into doing your work

Money, food, whatever that can make them do your work.

3. You come up with the most believably ridiculous excuses to delay the work

4. You always prepare a list of things to be done, right down to the exact timings

And you get the satisfaction of finishing the work just by finishing the list

It’s another thing that you never see or follow the list again after making it.

5. You prioritize and mark tasks according to their order of importance

Just so that you can pass some more time before you actually have to start working.

6. You blame it on the monotony of the task that it’s taking you so long

7. You wait until the last minute to start your work

8. You constantly think about the deadline and... your head you keep wishing it was few days away.

9. Finally when the deadline is around the corner, you tell yourself to keep calm

Like that’s going to help now.

10. You keep checking the time and divide your work into segments with deadlines of their own

You "believe" everything is going according to your plan.

11. You often go into a dreamland where the work in hand is done and you are being rewarded for it

12. You snap at people when they remind you that you are procrastinating

Because you know how hard you’ve been working. (in your mind)

13. When you finally realize you won’t be able to finish the work in time, you get into denial mode

"Not my fault", "I still have ample time left" etc etc.

14. With the deadline finally approaching, you haphazardly just finish the task at hand

You mentally promise yourself never to procrastinate again.

15. Finally, you are just happy coz you put the "pro" in procrastinator

Like every master procrastinator, you’re cool that way!