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ImageKate and Pippa, Katrina and Isabel, Penelope and Monica -- all these sexy siblings are genetically blessed. But who are the hottest twosome? Take our poll and let us know!

It certainly looks like good things come in twos -- and sometimes threes (!) -- when you take a look at these stunning sisters.

They thrive on each others' popularity; when one makes it big, it's only a matter of time before the other is noticed and starts becoming a star in her own right!

Here, we bring you some of the most beautiful, well-known siblings in showbiz.

Katrina and Isabel Kaif

Kat is arguably the most in-demand actress in Bollywood and has slowly and surely made her way to the top, after a whole decade in the business. It seems like she doesn't want Isabel to face the same trials she did -- Miss Moneybucks is producing a film for her little sis to become B-Town's next big thing! Do you think the Kaif siblings are the sexiest you'll ever see?

Image: Isabel and Katrina Kaif
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar