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Just over a year ago Katie, a university student, had gender reassignment surgery, thanks to an amazing $35,000 donation from an anonymous donor who read her story in a local newspaper.
Now, Arin, who is still at school, has undergone an operation to remove both of his breasts, and is proudly showing off his new male physique. For the last year, Arin has been binding up his chest to try to hide his female body, but can now go top*ess for the first time after his surgery in Cleveland, Ohio, in June.

Sex Change Couple

He said: 'Now I can wear a tank top, which I couldn't before, I can go swimming shirtless, I can walk outside, I can just be a regular guy now.
'I hated my breasts, I always felt like they didn't belong - now I can finally be comfortable in my own body.'

He added: 'Now when I'm out in a public pool, or lifting weights, no-one raises an eyebrow, they just think I'm a guy - just a skinny dude in the gym trying to build some muscle.

'My family have really surprised me with how supportive they have been throughout the surgery. I'm so lucky to have them and Katie to rely on.'

Katie and Arin met nearly two years ago at a support group for transgender teenagers and bonded through their shared experiences.

Katie said: 'To me, Arin's just my Arin, he's always looked manly to me. But now he's had the surgery he's much more confident and comfortable with himself.'