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Selena Gomez - 2015 Victoria's Secret After Party
Time for a double take—What color are Selena Gomez's eyes again?

If you guessed chocolate brown, then you'd be right. Except a few nights back, the 23-year-old singer popped in a specialized pair of icy blue-gray contacts for the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Now, Selena's not the type to change up her beauty look for just any old reason—she's been a consistently brown-eyed, brunette beauty for, well, ever. But her sudden contacts adjustment made perfect sense after Ms. Gomez revealed the source of her blue-eyed inspiration.

"I was inspired by Adriana Lima!" she told E! News on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show red carpet. To which our reaction: D'oh; of course!

"I'm a huge fan of hers and I geeked out in front of her today," she continued. "I wanted to feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel."

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