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by Saurabh 01 Sep 2006, 22:34
Scandent Solutions is a broad-based information technology solutions firm. The firm is a fast-growing, highly respected company that seeks to be the preferred, trusted and successful long-term partner for its stakeholders - clients, partners, associates and its employees. It provides a wide range of offerings from strategic consulting down to business process outsourcing, through application implementation, software development and support services.

The company's core offering is triangulated by a global, scalable workforce (to support clients who are going global or have existing operations all over the world), rich domain-specific skills (to speak the 'business' language of clients in verticals such as Government, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics and so on) and unparalleled technology prowess (to support clients in the creation and deployment of state of the art solutions that help them differentiate themselves from their competitors).