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Santa was driving his brand new Porsche on a highway in Australia (speed limit of 110 kmph) when suddenly Banta came alongside in his brand new Ferrari.

Banta said, 'Kabhi Ferrari chalayee hai?!!' and sped away.

Santa was a bit annoyed and pushed his foot down. The car sped to 120 kmph and overtook Banta. But after a few minutes Banta again came alongside. And Banta said, 'Kabhi Ferrari chalayee hai?!!' and again sped away.

Santa increased his speed to 130 kmph and again overtook Banta. And again Banta came alongside within a few minutes. Banta said, 'Kabhi Ferrari chalayee hai?!!' before speeding away.

And so it went until Santa realised that he was now travelling at 200 kmph, well above the speed limit. He decided to act wise and slow down and let Banta act crazy. And then he noticed in his mirror that Banta had crashed into the bushes.

Santa stopped and went upto Banta with a smile thinking it was now time for him to ridicule Banta. He asked with sarcasm, 'Kabhi Ferrari chalayee hai?!!'

Banta replied with dismay, 'Nahee chalayee hai. Tabhi to pucch raha tha, ki BREAK kithhon hai...'