Get in here to get the Interview Tips of Various Companies. Or see how to improve performances related to your job.
Following are some Sales interview tips:

1. Customize your resume

Resume is your first impression so be careful about the resume. Keep in mind that you are called for interview by seeing your resume. So make sure your resume says you are seeking a sales job. Your resume should be tailored to the industry and company.

2. Do your homework

Preparation is most important aspect of interview. The sales interview is just like a sales call. Remember that you are selling yourself to the prospective employer. When it is your turn to talk, let the interviewer know that you are well prepared.

3. Have a philosophy of selling when you walk in the door

If you want a sales job, you should have knowledge about sales. You can discuss the importance of understanding customer's needs and presenting solutions. You can ask questions about the company's sales philosophy and whether or not they believe in a team approach.

4. Document your achievements and sell them

Prove you are an achiever. Document your three biggest victories and also be prepared to describe a list of at least seven other significant wins in your life from sports, music, school, etc. You may not have sales success but you have success in other areas and that will help you.

5. Have a story about your biggest sale

You can show how you already have the necessary skills to do the job you are applying for. You need to document an incident when you persuaded someone to do something you wanted him to do. Describe how you achieved an objective and what you got other people to do for you in order to achieve it.

6. Persist

When you persist professionally, the sales manager will often give you the benefit of the doubt. They want to see how you deal with rejection and uncertainty. They want to see how you will handle their objections. Keep at it. Write a follow-up letter. Get the manager's email address and write a mail describing why he should hire you.

7. Do's for sales interview

* Do bring a copy of your resume.
* Arrive 15 minutes early.
* Review the company literature prior to interviewing.
* Listen to the interviewer, do not disturb him/her.
* Be prepared to speak in-depth about your accomplishes, strengths and weakness.
* Ask questions that relate to the business of the company like market share, profit margin, add on business.
* Be able to elaborate on the information in your resume and explain what your role was.
* Answer questions truthfully and honestly.
* Send thank you letter.

8. Don'ts for sales interview

* Don't chew gum.
* Don't describe negative points about your present employers.
* Don't smoke, even if the interviewer does.
* Don't answer with a simple "yes" or "no." Explain it whenever necessary.
* Don't inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, etc., on the initial interview unless you are positive the employer is interested in hiring you.