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The first day of school was going good for the new teacher and in an attempt to "break the ice" with the little second graders, she began to ask each student what their fathers did for a living.

"Mary, what does your father do?" asked the teacher.

Mary replied, "My dad is a mailman".

"That's great Mary. Every town needs a mailman to deliver the mail," said the teacher.

"Nancy, what does your father do? asked the teacher again.

"Oh, he is a mechanic", replied Nancy.

"That is really great Nancy we need mechanics like your father to keep our cars running," said the teacher.

Looking in the back of the room she spotted a rather sad looking Johnny. "And, Johnny, what does your daddy do?" asked the teacher.

"W-well, my daddy died last summer", said Johnny in a broken voice.

The teacher really felt bad and wondered how she could get herself out of this one. "Well, I'm ah, really, um, am sorry to hear about your daddy Johnny," stammered the teacher. "What did your daddy do before he died?" she asked.

Johnny calmly replied, "Well, he turned blue, then he sh*t in his pants."