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Robert and Alice

Robert and Alice both patients of a mental hospital. One day while they were walking near the hospital swimming pool, suddenly Robert jump into the swimming pool and fell all the way to the bottom where he stays immobile, Alice quickly jump to save him and got him out.
When the hospital director found out about Alice’s heroic act, he considered that she was mentally stable. The director told Alice : “I have two news for you one good and one bad one.

The good one is we are let you go home.

You jumping into the swimming pool and saving the life of another patient, has demonstrated that you are capable to respond reasonable before any crisis, because of this I came to the conclusion that you are mentally sane and could leave the hospital.

“The bad news is that, Robert, the patience who’s life you saved, hung himself in the bathroom with his belt, few moments after you save his life. Alice, I’m sorry so much, Robert is dead”. Alice very astonish responds to the director; “He didn’t hang himself I hung him so he could dry off”

El Perro :cool: