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To beget a healthy child:

The pregnant woman should take two oranges during afternoon from first to eighth month.

She should take half to one-gram linseed vanshlochan powder at bedtime for the first three to four months once she is tested positive for pregnancy. This helps in begetting a healthy child and also helps her remain strong. It also avoids chances of miscarriage. The lady should eat vanshlochan as much as possible with sugar candy and coconut. It overcomes weakness during pregnancy and keeps the child healthy and disease free.

The pregnant woman should chew aniseed daily after meals during the pregnancy.

She should drink 60 gm fresh grape juice twice daily to make the child healthy and strong. The child will be beautiful and the mother will remain free of faints, giddiness, dental pain, cramps, swelling, acidity and constipation. She should take one myrobalan marmalade everyday to beget a healthy child. It also maintains good health of the mother.