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Wearing the right shoes is very important. The right type of shoes can always help you prevent all those foot ailments. Here are some tips to buy good shoes.

It's always good to wear leather footwear because they mould on your foot and breathe like skin. But for children it's better to buy cheaper canvas. Always see to that the soles of your shoes are strong and have good gripping surface. In order to absorb the jolts of walking on hard surface, the insoles should be cushioned. Heals are good. They make you look attractive, but avoid wearing them for long. They cause cramping of the toes. They change your posture. Not only they cause real bad backaches.

Tips to buy the best fit

# You are the best judge to buy shoes for you. If you feel the shoes are uncomfortable then don't buy them.

# If the shoes are a little tight, then don't think that when you walk on them they will stretch. For all you know it might tear instead of stretching.

# Now if the shoe is too tight, but suits you well, then ask your shoe repair shop if they can be stretched.

# Always buy shoes late in afternoon; this is because your feet swell to their largest then.

# Sometimes feet spread with age. Both your feet may measure different. At this point always buy shoe for the biggest foot.

# Your forefoot should not be wider than your shoe. Take care to see that the toe box is roomy enough so that you can wiggle all your toes.