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There are more than 60 tribal communities in Orissa. These natives with their traditional ways dwell in the remote, deep forests and hilly interiors. Most of them are in the southwestern part of the state.

Visiting the tribes can be a fascinating experience, but you'll need to go on an organised tour. Some tribal areas are quite inaccessible and require permits, and the language barrier is ever present. During a tribal tour of Orissa, you'll get to mix with the local tribal people and learn their lifestyles. Tours run for at least five nights/six days, due to the amount of travel involved.

9 Reasons Why Orissa Is The Goa Of The East

These areas hold weekly markets where traditional tribal jewellery is sold. The Adivasi Mela is held every year in Bhubaneshar where various tribal communities present the rich mosaic of their culture and heritage.