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by Stranger45 20 Apr 2007, 07:34
The amount that is put up as paid [Rs. 74/-] includes the two rupees that the waiter has in hand. So it is not logical to add that amount again. As a completion, the way this question is put up is wrong. The same problem should be analyzed in logical way. Like -> From the total Rs. 75/- they paid, they got back Rs. 3/- So subtract 3 from 75 ie., 75 - 3 = 72. That is what is distributed between three of them. ie., 72/3 = 24. But since the owner gave Rs. 5/- back. The remaining Rs. 2/- is in the pocket of the waiter. So Rs. 70/- with the owner, Re. 1/- with each friend [totalling Rs. 3/-] and Rs. 2/- with the waiter. All these now amounts to Rs. 75/-. :roll: A slight different approach