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If you seem to wake up with a puffy face more mornings than
not, you may want to look at some of your lifestyle habits,
and water in particular. You may be dehydrated. If you don't
drink enough water, bodies tend to absorb whatever water it can,
and as a result blood vessels enlarge, leading to a puffy face.
To prevent this, make sure you drink a glass of water every night
before going to bed. Keep a bottle of water by your bedside table
so you never forget to take that last glass of water. If you wake
up and see that your face is puffy, reach for some water immediately
and drink up. Avoid tea or coffee, since these are diuretics and
will flush even more water out of your system. Keep drinking water
through the day, and the puffiness, if caused by dehydration,
should reduce...

Your diet may be a little inadequate. We need to take in some fat,
so that our skin stays supple. In addition, if your body lacks in
beta-carotene or vitamin C, it will show in your face...