by Rahul
Publicity stunts: Sex, Lies and Videotapes

ImageThe big bad world of Bollywood is a like a mirage, there is always more to it than what meets the eye. Whenever a film is all set to release filmmakers put on their thinking caps and brainstorm for new means of fooling the audience. But do these gimmicks really help in gaining enough moolah for the film? Or do these stunts divert the attention of the audience to a wrong kind of publicity… Take for instance the all new Shahid- Kareena- Saif controversy. First there were speculations that Shahid and Kareena have broken up and Kareena is dating Saif. Then the media spotted Kareena and Saif at different locations in Mumbai which added more fuel to the rumours. Meanwhile Shahid and Kareena came together for an episode of the dance show 'Nach Baliye 3'. And while all three actors were keeping mum suddenly Saif and Kareena decide go public about their relationship just when Shahid and Kareena's film Jab We Met is around the corner. If this is just another publicity stunt or not cannot be said. For the time we give you a listing of all the tricks of the trade for that perfect publicity stunt.
by Rahul
ImageThe big fight

This one is certainly a piece of cake. All you have to do is start a rumour that there have been problems between two stars and that's about it. Well just the rumour can lead to a lot of controversy. The media will keep speculating as to why the rift between the two has taken place. The two celebrities will not comment (because there is no war!) and so on. And once the film is released you might just see the two celebrities in question hand in hand posing for the camera. A good example would be the Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty war. It was rumoured that the two have been at loggerheads ever since Hera Pheri. Well if they were really at war then how would they go on to do so many more films including Awara Pagal Deewana, Aan, Deewane Hue Paagal and Phir Hera Pheri. And now once again when Suniel opted out of Akshay's film Singh Is Kinng, it became another reason to believe that they are rivals. Well Akshay denied the war by saying ""If we really didn't get along, then why should he co-produce a film like Bhagam Bhaag, or even cast me in it? There's no problem between us." But this speculated rifts sure works for the producers giving their film some more print space and television coverage.
by Rahul
ImageLet's have an affair!

If nothing else works an affair will definitely be the trump card. This tried and tested strategy never fails and has been used for decades now.

Well its quite simple just spread a rumour about the co-stars seeing each other and make sure that they are noticed together at different places and yet make them deny the whole affair business as a rumour.

That's about it. Well allow us to give you some examples- Rani and Abhishek in Bunty Aur Babli, Vidya and John in Salaam-E-Ishq, Priety and Saif in Kal Ho Na Ho, Akshay and Priyanka in Aitraaz, well this list can go on and on.
by Rahul
ImageThe film with the maximum kissing scenes!

Filmmakers surely know how to catch attention of the audience and what better way than to highlight the bold scenes that the film has (even though they don't turn out to be that bold!) Take for example Khwahish where the film was promoted as one where the lead pair (Mallika-Himanshu) kisses 17 times. Of course the audiences wouldn't have actually gone ahead to count the smooches on screen. It was the producers who did it for the audiences benefit. Another example is that of PNC who promoted Shabd saying there is an intimate scene between Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai. The scene wasn't as steamy as it was made out to be. But well it at least got the audiences to the theatres