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It all started with my Priscilla. While undergoing chemo, all I wanted to do was sleep, Prissy would paw and paw AND paw at my chest until I would get up.

She was like a mother bear smacking her cub for being naughty. She kept me alive. Then, I didn't realize I was having temporal lobe seizures until my Pris started staring then pawing at me

approximately. 30 minutes prior to the seizure hitting. After weeks of this bizarre behavior, I finally went to my doctor and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder.

I now have her granddaughter, when my brain waves change, she starts butting my forehead and does not stop until I lie down.

She sleeps next to my left temporal lobe and when I am up and around she follows me everywhere. My dear Prissy has gone on now, but Chili Bean continues to work.

They have been a blessing. As a former ADA specialist, I know first hand, the uphill battle to have cats recognized as valid service animals.

Cats are super intuitive to their human's conditions

By Franny Syufy