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The term 'glaucoma' describes a group of eye conditions involving increased pressure within the eyeball. This pressure can ultimately cause blindness, if left untreated. In many cases, the cause is unknown. In some cases, however, glaucoma is caused by an underlying condition that should be treated with conventional medicine.

Therefore, it is important for people with glaucoma to be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist. Therefore regular eye examinations are especially important after the age of forty. When you visit your ophthalmologist make sure that he/she checks the pressure in your eyes especially if you have touched 40.
Dietary changes that may be helpful: At least two old reports claim that allergy can provoke glaucoma. If you are a person suffering from allergies and other approaches are not successful, it makes sense to consult a nutritionally oriented physician to diagnose and treat possible allergies.

Nutritional supplements and other natural therapies that may be helpful:

According to six out of seven reports which observed people with glaucoma, vitamin C significantly reduces elevated pressure within the eye. These studies used at least several grams per day of vitamin C but the intake varied widely. Though it does not cure glaucoma, if used continually reduces the ocular pressure.