Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.

Go through this dreamshore.U may find or you will find pebbles of fate.You also might have or had such a dreamshore,right?.Were there any pebbles in that dreamshore.Yes,I guess you too might have them.

Tides of time,make me stand alone,
Away from the shore still unknown.
Amidst the waves I do behold,
Ahead of love,Along the life.
Thoughts do pass through my mind,
Thirst of fate,feels inside.
Whistling wind do make me remind,
Vast is the world,never in your hold.
Stands in sea with haunted hopes,
Curse the love that lost the life.
Like the sun that shone bright,
Like the moon feathered night,
Like the dew hugging the rose,
Alone she stands away from sight.
Reap the thoughts that shadows your smile.
Pebbles of past ,parted my prayers.
Alone I stand,amidst the waves.
Morning dew do make me remind,
Melancholous days of matured love.
Hurt is my heart ,happened ever,
Hopes of desire will happen never.
Praise the lord who painted my love,
Curse the way he killed my love.
Past is the dreams of ur present presence,
Pains the promise,so prance from pride.
Comes the waves causing the race,
Leaves the shore making disgrace.
Beware your belief,but never come true,
Besides the waves,do I behold.
Days may go,years may roll,
Here I stand making my role.
Away from shore but never from thoughts,
You too wander,I know my love.
Waves have gone,now sea is my home,
Can I seize the dawn alone?
Passing my dreams i drove up the hill,
Colors of flower,I can see u from here.
My thoughts are strong,my life may turn,
Steps are strong I may return.
Lazy moon and midnight dreams,
I hate you both,Its your fate,
Away in dark,never near truth,
I too wonder,why afraid of light?
Time may smile marching ahead,
Do's and donts,Why should i care?
Aiming high and thinking through,
I wil leap ahead of time.
Road to the past was never alone,
Nor the one to the future.
Bold is the race to destiny,
Here i drive with your thoughts.
Blue moon and dark shades,
Shadowing the smile of night,
Moving along with ripples of joy,
Made the saddest thought of the day.
Over the fence my dreams leap,
Over is the bond of desire.
Breaking the silence of morning dew,
Does the rain flower my love?
Searching for you in mist,
Small but hopes do creep in my mind.
Hiding tears through smile,
How your heart beats with my breath?
Ropes to heaven hangs here,
Road to nowhere starts here,
Past is the feeling of us here,
My heart beats though broken.
Rose of love in the garden of my life,
With dreams of smile I watered you,
Breeze of bonds stormed my rose,
Leaving behind thorns and tears.
Way of many but not beyond,
Here we travel along but away,
Stepping over ashes of past,
Passing the castle we have made,
Dreaming our dreams wont die,
Hoping our roads will meet one day.
Winding up my thoughts before wind,
Where goes the neverlasting hunt?
Haunted dreams are never wanted,
Smiling dreams are ever wanted.
Locks of love,dreams of desire,
Here I go and do will return,
Tides of time,take her from me,
Another wave will bring her back to me.
Floating along bubbles of joy,
I saw a faded dream, Rays of bonds killed my dream.
Colors had many,but blind were many,
Sweet as honey,thoughts were rainy.
Alone I paint,Again I paint,
Shades of smile but tears indeed.
Rolls the earth making my stand,
Springs of joy waiting ahead.
Silent nights I stand alone,
Smiling stars do weep along,
Though seem near but never,
Stars and I face life here.
Here I sing with silent desire,
Songs of fate time has written.
Along this bridge again will I stand,
Again with you holding hands for ever...