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A bus driver on a stop picked up a Pathan passenger who would not drop the bus fare. He asked this hulky, tall, red eyed, turban wearing, sulky looking Pathan to pay. Pathan replied, "Pathan not pay." and sat down on an available seat.

The driver felt offended. It kept on happening everyday since then. The driver decided to face him. He took expensive karate lessons, wrestling lessons, boxing lessons, kung-fu lessons, finally graduated unbeatable.

Pathan came to bus this time, he asked Pathan to pay the bus fare. The Pathan replied same "Pathan not pay."

The driver started swinging punches in the air, warned the consequences of not paying and demanded he pays now.

With a surprised fearful look on his face, Pathan tumbled and replied, "Me, old Pathan not pay, free senior buspass."