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I've never breathed a word of this
To a single soul I know
I keep it as my secret
She's the only one I'll show

I try as I can to avoid her
She's in my thoughts and dreams
Each time I find she's near me
I fall for her, it seems

When I see her for a moment
She's the only thing on my mind
And when we go our separate ways
It's a longing that I find

Even when I'm far away
And she's nowhere to be found
I think of her so many times
And my heart begins to pound

I've known her now for many years
It's rare when it's just us two
I dream of whispering into her ear
The thoughts that are so true

I have my deep desires
And I know what's right to do
But when I catch her twinkling eyes
I just don't have a clue

The loveliest one I've ever known
No one holds a candle to her
It's only in my mind it seems
Those thoughts begin to stir

She lives within her own world
And I dwell deep in mine
So many times I think of her
Those thoughts so sweet and fine

In reality it could not happen
Cause we're just not meant to be
Yet when I have those thoughts of her
It's only those dreams I see

Like so many dreams we dream
Reality they won't defer
Yet deep within my heart I find
There's no one quite like her.