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by CYRUS A.B. 16 May 2008, 22:01
* Once upon a time leadership mattered, now dealership rules the world.

* Once upon a time quality was craftsman's pride, now it is a departmental mess.

* Once upon a time mouse was an untouchable mammal, now it is hand held pest.

* Once upon a time wisdom was cultivated by wise people, now it is flashed on T-shirts.

* Once upon a time teacher tought and students learnt, now teacher trade and students consume.

* Once upon a time population was a problem, now it is a flourishing mass market.

* Once upon a time competition brought out the best, now it brings out the worst in people.

* Once upon a time there was a golden rule, now if you have gold, you rule.

* Once upon a time truth telling was good for your soul, now it is bad for promotion.

* Once upon a time success meant living by ideals, now it is about using above all principles.