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I'm not celebrating yet, says Sunny
A politician has described you as a "Western reject" who must not be encouraged in Bollywood. Your reaction?
I found his comment funny. I don't care what people say about me, call me a western reject, a loser, bad actress, horrible person...anything you want, but the people who say that will never get me down nor tear me down or stop me from working my butt off to get where I want in life. Nothing will stop me from giving it my all.

What do you think of the successes in the genre like Queen, Mardaani and Mary Kom?
I think it's wonderful that the Indian audiences are gravitating towards female-oriented films. It gives hope to us girls who want to build our names on our own. It's great to have a strong supporting male lead but if there isn't one, it also nice that people will go out and see a female hero film.

You've virtually climbed out of another life into Bollywood. Is there are sense of unreality about your success?
There are many days I wake up thinking, 'How did I end up all the way in India?'. I can't believe everything that has happened in my life. Since I met Daniel Weber, my life has changed, I believe he is the angel God and my parents sent to me when they died.

Do you still face a lot of opposition in Bollywood?
I still face a lot of opposition and it's not fun. But as each project releases, someone new comes along and offers me great work. I am here in Bollywood to live my dream and work as much as I can.

Top male actors in Bollywood don't want to work with you. Comment.
I honestly believe with time, that will change. There are very nice actors that will eventually see my seriousness to work and do well. Until then, c'est la vie!

Finally how are you celebrating the success of Leela?
I am not celebrating just yet. But I'm not really the type. The movie is out, I want numbers and people to like it and then move on to the next project.